"Highlighting accomplishments of NSBA members
and their animals".

January 2016


A.J.'s Goats and Soaps

A.j. Carpenter started with goats as a 4H project, and has been raising dairy goats ever since.
Her husband, Matt, bought her first Saanen doe, Phoebe, 7 years ago. Shortly after, A.j. started making
goats milk soaps and lotions, and has earned 11 awards at the annual ADGA Bath and Body Care
Products Competition. A.j. intends to continue the tradition of goats with her children – Jacob,
Riley, & Hunter – as they are already NSBA members.

A.j. hard at work.

Riley gives kisses.

Jacob feeding his kid.

A.J. and her buddy, Dream Whip, having fun in Lewisburg

Hunter’s first time in the show ring

Past Member Highlights