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It's a brand new day, Saanen Friends, and there is exciting news! Please congratulate and welcome NSBA's new Interim Treasurer Joshua Kerrick, and Interim District Six Director LaNell Lindell! Both of these wonderful individuals stepped forward to fill recently vacated offices. My thanks to the Board of Directors for their quick and unanimous vote. LaNell has also taken on the Elections Chair position, and I hope we will soon announce plans for an early election, so the membership may have the Officers and Board of their choosing.  Start preparing your own campaign letter! 

Beth Clappison has volunteered to be the Facebook Page Manager, as well as the new Specialty Show Chair. Beth also serves on the dynamic Youth Committee --- Keep an on the upcoming Saanen Quarterly Newsletter, as AJ Carpenter, also on the Youth Committee, will share the YC's great ideas for 2016 and 2017!  As History Chair, Beth has compiled an interesting piece for the History page of the NSBA website.  Take a look under: Breed Information: History of the Saanen Breed. This hard-charging go-getter could use your support and encouragement. And your stories!  Beth plans to write more articles, chronicling the history of Saanens in America. I am certain she would welcome your remembrances, and suggestions for topics you would like to see covered.

Glenny Coughenour has been hard at work, updating the website, and adding fresh material. Please browse the complete site and let us know how you like the updates.  How can we make your NSBA website even better?  Per a recent Board of Director's vote, we will soon be listing all members on the site, to promote everyone's herd.  You may opt out of this program, just notify your Director that you wish to be excluded.   

There is so much happening, and I would love to see positive member involvement. As AJ Carpenter is putting together the latest newsletter, hoping to have it ready by Valentine's Day (her gift to all of us!), let's help her make it a fantastic issue. Send to AJ clear and bright pics of your kids with your Saanen kids! Grandkids are welcome! And so are pics of those of you who are Kids at Heart! It is OUR newsletter, so let's share our farms and families with each other.

Have a wonderful weekend. Hug a Saanen!

Terri Harris
NSBA Interim President

972) 977-1083 


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