The National Saanen Breeders Association
2005 Total Doe Recognition Program

To be eligible for entry in the Total Doe Recognition Program a doe must have a permanent GCH status. AND, an official ADGA Linear Appraisal score of 90 or more. PLUS, an official minimum production of 2,500 pounds of milk, AND, 70 pounds of butterfat in a 305 or less day lactation. OR, 21 or more points in an official One Day Test.  Bonus points are awarded for daughters that meet the above criteria.

All time high scoring Total Doe, Purebred & American
GCH Lake Country Tsunamic Moana 9*M
41.1 Points

All time high scoring Total Doe, Experimental and Recorded Grade
GCH Caprikorn Katumandu *M
25.5 Points


National Saanen Breeders Association
     Presents The 2005 Total Doe



Linear Points 10
Production Points 2
Show Wins 6
Daughter Metting Minimum Criteria 5
Sire: +*B Terra Rubra C Declaration
Dam:  Windsor Manor PEP Yum-Yum *M
Owner :  Janice Kessler, Dover PA
Breeder:  Diana Patton, Silver Springs, MD