The National Breeders Association
Total Doe Awards

Total Doe 2010

To be eligible for entry in the Total Doe Program a doe must have a permanent GCH status. AND an official ADGA Linear Appraisal score of 90 or more. PLUS, an official minimum production of 2,500 pounds of milk, AND 70 pounds of butterfat in a 305 or less day lactation. OR, 21 or more points in an official One Day Test.  Bonus points are awarded for daughters that meet the above criteria.


These nine entries represent the Cream Of The Crop ... Does that can do it all --in the show ring, the milking parlor and for Linear Appraisal, and in the case of at least one of the entries, a doe who passes thesetraits to her offspring.  Each is a Total Saanen Doe in her own right.

 SGCH Century's Farm Hillary S1303806

07-09 LA91(EEEE)
305 Day 4086 148/3.6% 113/2.8%
Highest One Day Test
DIM136, Milk 17#, BF 3.4%
Sire: Lake-Country Romantic Chopard
Dam: Century Farm's Ever After
Bred By: Melissa Czeck
Owned By: Melissa Czeck

SGCH Century Farm's Kameo AS1414284

07-09 LA 90 (VEEE)
267 Day 3524 108/3.1% 91/2.6%
Highest One Day Test
DIM 83, Milk 18#, BF 2.8%
Sire: Sherry's C Charley
Dam: Century Farm's Hillary
Bred By: Melissa Czeck
Owned By: Melissa Czeck 

 SGCH Caprikorn Wealth Xtort GS1431195

05-10 LA 91 (VEEE)
305 Days 4096 127/3/1% 112/2.7%
Highest One Day Test
DIM 150, Milk 17#, BF 2.6%
Sire: Caprikorn Kahuna Wealth Maker
Dam: Caprikorn Snow's Vanilla
Bred By: Caprikorn Farm
Owned By: Caprikorn Farm